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Day 2 of great weekend. I’m beat.
USA, great day for the jet skis!
I’m absolutely exhausted. Today was an incredible success. Thank you #WarpedTour
Even after meeting @ronnieradke, this was the highlight of my day @itscarmenbabeee. Glad I got to spend the day with you babe 💙🎶
Stats from a dungeon I ran earlier tonight in the #DestinyBeta. My back still hurts from carrying those dudes. I’m not amazing but they were terrible.
Not a Cavs fan, BIG LeBron fan. So happy he did this the right way and is going home where he belongs. This whole thing feels right, hope a lot of the haters will chill now. Congrats @kingjames
Been at Hyundai for like 5 hours trying to get baby bro a new whip. Ready to celebrate the 4th already! #HyundaiFamily

Forget that.

Killin ‘em. @hypeem
Legendary #Osbornes  @hypeem