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JETER #2 #RE2PECT #ThankYouJeter #ThankYouDerek Today is a sad day. Derek Jeter has played his last game as a Yankee. Thank You Derek Jeter! Class act, all time great leader.
@crossover.813 @urband813 #CrossoverChurch #ChurchSelfie
Me and babe before dinner last night.
The Magic Mobile
Dipping. Photo Credit: @itscarmenbabeee - My Personal Photographer.
Before and After!
After! So happy with the turn out! Didn’t come out perfect, but it was my first time and I did it myself. #PlastiDip #NastiDip #BlackRims #PlastiDipRims #Elantra #Dipping #DipYourCar @dipyourcar @fonziedyc
Destiny! Midnight Release! It’s finally here! So stoked!
Got the black Orlando Magic license plate frame to match my car finally. As soon as I plasti dip my rims and a few other spots on the car, the Elantra will be looking just the way I want! Can’t wait!